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Despite the fact that 42,000 people were killed and millions more were injured in or by automobiles in 1997 in the United States, a figure expected to rise again this year, certain automobile corporations are presenting television ads that would seem to promote the very practices that are  leading contributors to these fatal and disastrous events. The roads are becoming exponentially more crowded as the population grows, and  socially acceptable driving practices are becoming more and more antisocial and dangerous. The government continues to funnel  hundreds of billions  of our tax dollars annually toward the support of this industry, at the expense of the development of safe, environmentally friendly, and friendlier modes of transportation. The news media ignores the problem, if 42,000 people were killed by planes or trains or in a war in one year we would hear a constant and deafening television roar, and heads would roll and changes would be made. But this industry has proven itself to be filled with evil men, who with vast sums of money to politicians, and to media outlets are buying the right to sell a product and a mode of transportation, and a way of life that causes immense grief and suffering. They receive no penalty, and are allowed to continue their profitable and deadly game without censure or appeal. And now, amazingly, they are blatantly encouraging us to drive fast, drive aggressively, arm ourselves with killer tanks; they now bear even more responsibility for  the carnage. They must be held accountable. The  time has come to make a change. 
for more information on automobile safety and for places to make your voice heard
  Citizens Against Speeding and Aggressive Driving List of Automakers' E-Mail and Addresses: So that you can write them directly and express your concern about this dangerous practice.
The Road Hog Info Trough
SUV information and campaign for cleaner and safer alternatives

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