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 Advocates for Illegal
Driving Practices
( Speeding and Aggressive Driving)
 Television ads that emphasize speed, from a young woman driving down a country road to visit her grandparents so fast that objects are sucked into the wind of her path, to the many ads that demonstrate the car operating at such high speeds that all background scenes are blurred,  with such slogans as " No One Will Notice The Baby Seat" accompaning these sick cartoons. Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young adults age 5  to 32  in the United States. Wake Up and Drive is their mantra. Wake Up and Boycot Mitsubishi.
Mazda "Make Your Move" and  Infiniti G-12
Both TV commercials  emphasize the speed the vehicles  are capable of  by simulating excessive speed  with the magic of film, and through the presentation of  civilian vehicles performing slides and maneuvers that  would, and do daily, result in crashes and rollovers that end in death and injury.
Cadillac Catera
The Caddy That Zigs. Just what we need, more cars zigging, and threatening the lives of others with a speeding, careening mass of steel.
  Becoming the worst offenders.Ads emphasize speed,power, and aggressive driving behavior.
The trend has now escalated to such an extint that it is impossible to keep track of all the car companies that are using dangerous driving practices to sell, or attempt to sell cars and influence driver attitudes. The logical next step is to sue the car companies that place these ads. They should be held accountable for any deaths, injuries, or damage that occur if a person driving one of their cars has seen one of these dangerous ads, and has caused a crash or hit a pedestrian. Class action suits like the ones against the tobacco companies would be appropriate.