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We used to live in the Garden of Eden, but now we live in an ASPHALT JUNGLE!

The Asphalt Jungle

       The planet Earth is rapidly being paved over with asphalt. The transportation system supported  and  subsidized by our government(s),  and defended  at all costs by the industries that profit from it, is proving to be  unworkable as our population rapidly expands.  That system (the highway/automobile system) is killing us. Directly; 42,000 people were killed by automobiles in the United States last year, and indirectly; pollution from automobiles is strangling our planet. Attempted murder (speeding, tailgating, stoplight running- aggressive driving) has become commonplace, and the automobile industry  is encouraging this illegal behavior in it's advertising. Our government, and our law enforcement officials are unwilling, or unable, to go against the industry to counteract this dangerous trend and protect the citizens- men, women, and children, who must depend on this system for basic transportation. And instead of spending our tax dollars on safer, cleaner systems of transportation like rail, our government officials continue to funnel hundreds of billions of our  tax dollars annually into the building of the tracks (roads and highways) that the industries ( auto, oil, road building, and etc.) need and lobby for. It is time for a revolution. If you agree , then help spread the word. Write the president, vice-president, the first lady, your congresspersons, your state and local governmental and law enforcement agencies and officials, national and local newspapers, television and radio stations. Do it here, do it now, Do it on the web.




Get Informed About Our Transportation System


Non-profit groups/Citizens/Zines

Citizens Against Speeding and Aggressive Driving
Grassroots, nonpartison, nonprofit organization dedicated to safer roads for all.
Center for Responsive Politics
Tracks Political Donations
The Road Hog Info Trough
SUV information and campaign for cleaner and safer alternatives
Common Dreams News Center
Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community... 
Sierra Club
Autos on Welfare report 
A community of people concerned  about social change,Voluminous magazine, E-magazine and more
A Century of Suffering-101stAnniversary 
of the first person killed by Automobile in North America.
Carfree Cities
Carfree cities past, present, and future. Solutions to the problem of the urban automobile.
"Asphalt Nation"
by Jane Holtz Kay-a web book review, from The Preservation Institute,dedicated to developing a new 
politics that recognizes the limits of technology.


Governmental/Industry Sites

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Facts, figures, statistics; official governmental agency in charge of highway safety 
U.S. Department of Transportation
Governmental agency in charge of all aspects of transportation 
National Safety Council
Nonprofit, nongovernmental agency, committed to safety in general, with department of automotive safety
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Insurance company sponsored agency devoted to automotive safety; crash test data
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is an alliance of consumer, health and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer.
American Psychological Association
Experts have varied ideas on how to curb accidents
Transportation and Quality of Life Campaign
Latest Reports-Aggressive Driving, Pedestrian Safety, Government transportation spending, and etc...
The Fatality Analysis Reporting System 
(FARS) contains data on all vehicle crashes in the United States that occur on a public roadway and involve a fatality in the crash.
Bureau of Transportation Statistics 




Send a Letter, Send E-Mail, Make a Phone Call

Alternate Transportation
Information and links
How the auto industry encourages dangerous driving

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Make your Voice Heard

The President,Vice President,First Lady and Mrs. Gore
E-mail addresses
Write your representative
Quick lookup and link to your representative through zip code
Senators of the 105th Congress
Senate E-mail addresses
The Federal Web Locator
a site designed to bring the cyber citizen to the federal governments doorstep.
The Electronic Activist
An e-mail address directory of congresspeople, state governments, and media entities.
Roll Call
Tips on communicating with congresspersons
The Public Safety Search Engine
Locate and contact your local Law Enforcement Agency and inform them of your concern

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